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No Laptop?

You need only your Mobile Phone & Internet Connection.

Over 100 NFT projects gets launched daily. You need only 1 to change your life.


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Oluwafemi Williams

Oluwafemi Williams

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How long have you been trying to earn dollars online?

How long have you been looking for a proper earning stream that you will not require running ads or talking to someone else before you earn in foreign currencies?

These questions and more got me into NFT space and as we all know, with the right understanding of how NFT works, you are on your way to making your first or next million naira.

My name is Oluwafemi Williams, I graduated in 2014 with good grades from a reputable university in South West , Nigeria.

In 2019-2020, I was broke and was all about several menial jobs. Literally, jumping around looking for the next best job to do . All these did not make me N100,000 ($200) most months. During the covid19 period, I lost the jobs I thought I had and decided to go back to earning digitally. I learnt forex trading as it was the hottest deal out there at the time. Barely 8 months into full time trading, I lost over N4 million (most of which was not mine). This left me depressed and in debt. I know some of you will remember when so many trading companies lost money and closed up. Sad reality at that time.

I decided to go all out and by September, 2021, I found out about NFT but did not get in fully until November. I knew there was life changing money in NFT but I did not really know how to go about it. I just wanted something that could make me N100,000 monthly from the comfort of my Mobile Phone. So, I kept learning. Got back fully by January, 2022.

By February, 2022, I found the secret and made my first massive profit in NFT 1.5ETH ($4500/N2.26m). I exchanged the money into naira so I could tell myself that it was real. (sales receipt shown at the top of the page)

‘It was actually real’. I just made 2 million naira.

I applied this same secret again and later that week, I made 800k flipping another NFT

Now, I flip NFT for profits at least twice weekly. If you watched the webinar above, you would have seen it. Now, I could move into a better apartment, get better gadgets, pay off my debts (all of it) and still live life free and on my own terms by simply having this privileged information I will show you within this course.

$1 is currently exchanging for over 600 naira. This is the best time to earn in dollars my dear friend.

Let me Introduce to you to the NFT Dollar Income!


NFT means Non Fungible Token. This simply mean, you can not swap it for another token. You will require someone to purchase it from you. Unlike other crypto tokens that you can easily swap, to make money with NFT, someone needs to buy your art or any art you have derived from a set of collection.

The NFT popularity started in 2021 after Crypto Punks and Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs became a thing that took people from nothing to 100s of thousands of dollars and millions of dollars in finances. Since then, thousands of NFT projects have been created with 100s of them being created weekly. This means, we never run out of NFTs to get for free or flip for quick profits.

You do not even require a laptop or capital to start making money with NFTs!

I also know you are excited about earning in dollars without running ads or talking to anyone.

I actually want to you to be excited because I have been in this for some months now and I have flipped several NFTs for sweet profits already. See below Multiple 0.2ETH sale 

The image above shows over 2 ETH in sale where 1 ETH is worth $3,000. Do the math’s. $6,000 (Converted to naira becomes over N3,000,000. All from 1 NFT using the secrets I will be teaching you within this course and the tools I also use.

Growing in the NFT space require you to be a part of a network of winners , a community where the work load of what and how to navigate the NFT space will not be burdened on you. That is why I have upgraded the community to accommodate you.

Be Part Of Our Community When You Take Action!

Our NFT community is a closed group of very enthusiastic members that have generated a collective profit of $12,000. Imagine what it will be like being a part of that same community having to receive mentorship and updates from me personally.

Also, asides getting this NFT course, you get to be part of our community with numerous bonus ranging from monthly giveaway to outstanding members, crypto futures call and free mint alpha calls.

Now, give me reasons why you would want to miss an opportunity like this?

See testimonies from some who joined barely one month ago

TAKE ACTION!If you are ready to start printing cool dollars with your Mobile Phone!Price goes to N45,000 soon.

Let us even say you do not believe any of the testimonials, I want you to give me 2 months to prove to you that NFT can give you that financial freedom you have always been craving for.

How about creating your own collection ?

I know this is one part that many people are interested in. How to create their own collection and sell for thousands of dollars.

To do this, you need the following:

  • A software (pixelart, 3D artstudio, GoArt, SketchAr, etc)
  • A well developed discord server
  • A community

In creating your own collection, getting your own community is key and trust me, in one week, you can grow a community to over 1000 members by just using my system (its a simple copy and paste method).

Once you have a community, create your collection and select a launch date.

Let us do some calculations:

Let us say you create a 500 NFT supply on the Solana Blockchain to be sold for 0.1sol each. and you sell everything during launch which you sure would 100%. That will mean, you made 0.1solx500= 50solana profit. 1 Solana is currently worth $45. That means you have made $45 x 50sol = $2,250 (N1,237,000) sweet profit that can be easily achieved if you decide to create your own ‘small’ collection. Celebrate Grace.

That is why our community will be there to ensure you make money from any part of the NFT space you decide to focus on.

Once again, give me reasons why you would want to miss an opportunity like this?


– Understanding the basics of NFTs & how they work, marketplaces, networks & chains.

– Main & Burner wallets creation (how I use over 10 wallets to maximize my NFT gains weekly)

– Secrets to creating and selling your own NFT collection fast for thousands of dollars

– Identifying Real and fake projects from their contract address, roadmap & whitepapers.

– Secret passive income NFT stream using only $10 to make over $50 weekly (top NFT secret)

– Tools I use in auto generating over 1000 NFT wallets within seconds to maximize my NFT profits. (You will be getting these tools within the course when you join our community.)

– Creating your own professional discord server and how to create for others and how to charge over $500 per discord server creation for a client. This skill is very hot on Upwork & Fiverr(Bonus course)

– Become a part of our winning community that helps you grow with our free NFT drops 3 times weekly (weekly income guaranteed)

– My exact step by step method on how to create your own NFT collection from scratch and make thousands of dollars monthly doing this . (Worth over $1200 to teach anyone)

& So Much More

Our NFT community has amassed over $12000 in total profits from all the free NFTs shared to its members


  • Your Smartphone
  • Great Internet Connection
  • A Crypto Wallet (MetaMask)
  • An Open Mind to learning

TAKE ACTION!If you are ready to start printing cool dollars with your Mobile Phone!Price goes to N45,000 soon.

Important! If you skipped the important Free Webinar above, see it here!

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Below are some calls made within in our community.

The difference between these people and you is ‘Action Taking’. Decide to take action now!


Give me only 2 months to teach you how NFT works. If after 2 months of learning and implementing , you have not made money off NFT, you will get your full refund as well as getting to keep the course. You only would provide evidence that you actually implemented the course and it did not work.


TAKE ACTION!If you are ready to start printing cool dollars with your Mobile Phone!Price goes to N45,000 soon.



I do not control the results. Your efforts will determine how much you will make . Results are not typical. You can earn more than I have ever made in this NFT space or earn more than my students. It is all in your control.

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