How I Banked over 1 Million Naira In My First Month Flipping NFTs As A Beginner


It is no doubt that the world is fast changing. We started from web1 during the days of Microsoft and Windows to Web2, the days of simple social media networking and now, we are at Web 3, where we can all enjoy equal money making opportunities utilising the internet.

This is sure an awesome time to be alive. The Non Fungible Token (NFT) era has taken over and have changed so many lives without even a sweat.

Imagine being able to make 1 million naira and way more monthly flipping NFT from the comfort of your mobile phone or laptops. This and more is what the Web3 is bringing to you.

This course is going to show you everything you need to know about the web3 and NFTs. How you can start flipping NFTs too the right way. Creating your own collection and selling out easily monthly without having to break a sweat.


  • How to spot great NFT project early
  • How to flip NFTs like a pro and start making instant profits
  • How to identify launched NFT projects that can multiply your capital fast
  • How to easily grind for a mint spot within the NFT project servers
  • How to easily make money off other sources asides minting NFTs
  • How to benefit from FREE Mint projects
  • How to create your own project in easy steps

and so many much more knowledge within this course worth over N100,000.

At this steal price of N30,000 now, its a no brainer that you should already be holding these materials in your hands by now.